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How To Prepare Australia PR 2019 File For Better Immigration prospects?


How To Prepare Australia PR.

Australia Immigration Consultants Chandigarh

Australia is no doubt a leading immigration destination for thousands of people planning to come and settle in the country on a permanent basis. Every third person is in search of settling in a good country for a better standard of living.

Not just this, Australia becoming into a center point of the hub and skilled experts who are coming to investigate. The great expert chances to take a career and personal satisfaction to a whole new level. The country offers the best work culture and professional opportunities to overseas workers along with world-class salaries.

Have you also planned to move to Australia in 2019? The country is asking many migrants in high numbers to come and live permanently. Thus, for maximizing migration chances, you are required to see many factors that are taken into account before granting permanent residency visa by the Australian Government.

Tell us how you can set up your Australia Immigration Consultants Chandigarh  record for the best PR programs offered by Australia

Setting up a file for the best visa program!

The Australian Immigration administration has designed many PR programs for the migrants who genuinely seek permanent residency options. There are so many PR details that can be used by the migrant to apply for Australia PR. Though, you must decide the PR category in which you have the highest chances of getting the nomination.

Many PR visa classes are General Skilled Migration Program, Australia Family Sponsorship, and Business Investor Programs. These are further classified into:

Australia General Skill Migration Program includes Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Visa 190 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489. The Family Visa combines Australia Partner Immigration, Australia Parent Immigration, and Australia Child Immigration.

The most popular category is the general skilled migration program! How does the process work for GSM visas? It means checking your occupation in the appropriate Australia Occupational Demand List to see whether your occupation is on the list or not, this is the very first step towards Australian Permanent Residency Visa. Now, you have to select the visa category that is appropriate to your occupational list. For Example, if your occupation is listed on Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List (MLT SSL 2019). You will be able to apply for Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 that allows you to come and settle anywhere in Australia for an indefinite period.

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The next stage involves taking Language Requirement Tests like IELTS or PTE and side by side getting your skill assessment evaluated from the designated assessing authority. A positive skill assessment report is required in order to proceed further for the Australian Permanent Residency.

Submit Expression of Interest through online skill select where you are required to score at least 65 points out of 100 on Australia Point Assessment Grid for the parts mentioning age, educational skill, work skill, language skill, and other factors.

Points can be calculated using the Australia Immigration Point Calculator

For Subclass 190 and subclass 489 you are required to have state nomination or family sponsorship respectively to receive Australia PR.

The candidates with the highest immigration point score are invited by the Australian government to apply for Australia PR visa. On getting the receipt of ITA, submit a complete application along with essential and additional documents for applying for a PR visa. After getting a review of the final step, you will get approval for the visa.

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If you are not clear about the basic process and other technicalities of Australia PR. it is suggested to hire a genuine and trusted immigration consultant who can assist you with the Australia PR process.

Always choose the honest immigration consultancy like Kaaiser Global Education Chandigarh to get clear assistance for Australia PR. A tricky PR process will be a cakewalk with Kaaiser Global Education Chandigarh.

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